Do you love Disney?  Become a CastleChat "Disney Destination Planner" 

CastleChat Travel is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured travel agency headquartered near Orlando, Florida  just minutes from the Walt Disney World® Resort. We are a Disney Authorized Vacation Planner and one of the fastest growing travel agencies specializing in the Disney vacation experience. Our goal is to become the most trusted source for planning or booking a vacation. Our goal can only be accomplished by working with people who understand that vacation planning is as much about building trusting relationships as it is about actually planning vacations. Clients place a great deal of trust in their travel agent and that is a responsibility that you must embrace. Great customer service is more that just words, it is the hallmark of what makes us a great agency. We want you to join our team and bring the magic of Disney to those in your community! What are you waiting for, get started today!


What is it like to be a Disney Destination Planner?

CastleChat has planners that specialize in Disney vacations and others that specialize in various cruise lines. Destination Planners work from home and set their own schedules. You work as little or as much as you want. You are not an employee of CastleChat but rather an independent planner. Think of it as owning your own business except we do all the start up work for you. We will assist you in completing all of your online training, which can be done in your spare time. We  provide you with multiple resources and close support to allow you to build a client list and handle their travel needs. Most important of all, you will have corporate protection and E&O insurance provided by CastleChat LLC. CastleChat is a family of independent agents working towards a common goal. We have some planners that work every day and book a high volume of vacations. We have planners that work only during certain times of the year and have a much lower booking volume. We even have planners that only book for themselves and their family members. The bottom line is that you work when you want. All we ask is that you keep your commitments to your clients and take full responsibility for ensuring their complete and total satisfaction.

Will I be a licensed travel agent?

Yes. We call ourselves Destination Planners. We will assist you in obtained all of the required licenses and training. Florida law requires all travel agents, regardless of where they live, to have a Florida Sellers of Travel license in order to sell vacations to Florida destinations like Walt Disney World. Rather than have you purchase your own license which is expensive and time consuming, for a nominal fee of $50 (paid to the state of Florida, not us) you can sell travel under our Seller’s of Travel license. All online training is FREE and we will help you get set up.

Do I have to pay anything to become a Destination Planner? 

There are only 2 costs associated with becoming a Destination Planner. The first is $50 for the Sellers of Travel license mentioned above. The second is a $220 annual charge to cover your insurance, which is usually recovered with your first commission. In other words, book one vacation, even if it’s your own, and you’re making a profit.  There are absolutely no other fees or costs. You will have all of our available resources at your fingertips and of course your fellow planners will be more than happy to answer your questions as you get started.

How much money can I make?

Your earnings potential is unlimited. There are no caps on the amount of money you can make. Most vacations pay, on average, a 10% commission. For example,  a $5000 vacation booking pays a $500 commission. TravelVibz pays your commission based on our current commission schedule, currently 80% for most bookings. In other words, book one $5000 vacation each month for a year and earn $4800 in commissions, book two a month, earn $9600, book three, well, you get the idea. Why do we take 20% of the commission? That money is used to cover our operating expenses including business licenses, insurance, W2 prep, website and server costs, etc. We encourage you to shop around, you will find that our commission schedule is unbeatable.

We Offer The Following To All Destination Planners:

  • Unlimited Earnings Potential

  • One of The Best Commission Schedules You Will Find Anywhere

  • Online Training Through The Disney College of Knowledge

  • Comprehensive Errors and Omissions Insurance

  • Corporate Protection Under The CastleChat LLC Agreement

  • Access To Agent-Only Exclusive Vacation Offers Directly From Disney and Invitations to Disney Special Events

  • A Great Environment Filled with Friendly, Energetic, and Knowledgeable Professionals

We are looking for energetic people with a passion for travel and a love for helping others, whether you are an experienced agent or have no experience at all. For those agents already associated with another agency, our 80% commission schedule is definitely worth considering. You do most of the work, why pay more to your agency than they deser